About Us

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The project was founded by Ruslan Korop in 2011 as an amateur development for motorizing mounts and controlling them using EQmod, the project discussion was opened at the forum of the Kiev club of astronomy lovers “Astropolis”. Further development of the project, new participants, as well as professional development experience allowed us to create high-quality products available to both amateurs and professionals.

We create high quality products for astronomical instrumentation.


Ruslan Korop – project manager, development of circuitry, hardware and computer software. By education, a systems engineer, he was professionally engaged in the development of television and radio broadcasting transmitters, production automation systems, power electronics for nuclear power plants. Amateur astronomy since 1992.

Valentin Gaidai – marketing, support and promotion of goods, communication with clients. An electrical engineer by education, worked in the laboratory of electrical tests and measurements, as a teacher at the Cherkassy Polytechnic College. Amateur astronomy since 1997.

Dmitry Chornovol – programmer, software development. A software engineer by education, he was professionally engaged in software development for nuclear power plants.

Sergey Gritsyuk – constructor, development of mechanical design, production support. A mechanical engineer by education, he was professionally engaged in the development of products for agricultural machinery, radio engineering structures, cabinets. Currently a design engineer for the development of equipment for nuclear power plants.

All our products are manufactured in Ukraine. Astroproservice.com guarantees high quality, personalized service and prices below market value. Our team uses their skills and professional experience to create functional, efficient and reliable products that you will use for many years.

Our equipment is used all over the world by both amateurs and professionals. An example of reliability is the Novolazarevskaya Antarctic station, where our equipment has been operating for several years.

We are very grateful to our customers from around the world, for the fact that our hobby became a job.

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