EQDrive Standard 4 (3N)

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  • Extended supply voltage range up to 28V
  • Modified HC connector
  • Support remote SynScan
  • Support for Bluetooth, WiFi modules
  • Azimuth mode (in conjunction with the Synscan console)
  • Built-in DC / DC converter (10-28V / 30V) for driver power supply

EQDrive Standard3N control unit designed to automate the operation of equatorial, German and azimuth mounts. The control unit can work with almost any mount controlled by stepper motors (SM), supports a wide range of axes reduction, allows you to control the telescope mount both autonomously (Remote, only for EQ modes), there is support for SynScan remotes and through astronomical programs with the ASCOM6 platform installed .x + EQMOD on your personal computer.

  • Power supply: 10 – 28V 5A
  • SM type: Bipolar
  • SM driver supply voltage: Equal to the input supply voltage
  • SM winding current: Adjustable 0.1 – 2A
  • Smooth SM acceleration and deceleration: Adjustable 0 – 10sec
  • SM stroke nonlinearity correction: Yes
  • Axle reduction ratio: Unlimited. Recommended 1:1 – 1:2000
  • Product body: Anodized aluminum 100mm x 74mm x 29mm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Product weight: 190 grams

A status indicator (LED) is located on the top cover.


Front panel connectors

The front panel has four connectors, Power, ACC, USB, HC.
The Power connector for supplying constant voltage to the device is protected against polarity reversal.
Accessories (ACC) connector (currently in development).
1. Auto Guide mode. Auto guide entrance. Guiding speed is adjusted separately for each axis.
2. Console Mode. The mode is activated by holding the button (RA + & RA-) for 1-3 seconds after turning on the device.
The USB connector is galvanically isolated from the main circuit of the control unit.
Connector НС (Hand Controller) for connecting the control panel.
Additional functions, it can work as a second COM port through which the mount can be controlled.
For example, you can connect a Bluetooth module (НС-04, 05, 06) to it and control the mount remotely.

Power connector
Power connector PC-2.5 / 5.5
Central contact plus
Side contact minus
Reverse polarity protection: yes

Hand Controller (HC) connector
1. Gnd (mass)
2. +3.3v (100mA max.)
3. NC
4. Gnd (mass)
5. Tx
6. Rx
7,8. + 7v (100mA max.)

Accessories (ACC) connector
Mode Auto Guide
1. NC
2. Gnd
3. RA+
4. DEC+
5. DEC-
6. RA-
The guiding speed is written into the flash memory of the device by the EQDriveConfig program.

Mode Remote
1. RA-
2. Gnd
3. DEC+
5. DEC-
6. RA+

Activation of the SM drivers, buttons: RA+ & RA- (supply voltage to the motors).
Deactivation of the SM driver, buttons: DEC + & DEC- (removing the supply voltage from the motors).
Star speed, buttons: MODE & RA-
Lunar speed, buttons: MODE & DEC+
Solar speed, buttons: MODE & RA+
Stop, buttons: MODE & DEC-
Switching speed of guidance Low/High, button: MODE
Press the MODE button once, sets 40x or 1000x
2-x — 20x
3-x — 10x
4-x — 5x
5-x — 2.5x
6-x — 1.2x
7-x — 0.6x
8-x — 0.1x

Rear panel connectors

On the back panel there are two 5-pin connectors for connecting stepper motors.

RA / AZ Motor, DEC / ALT Motor Connectors (Winding Configurations)
1. Winding A1
2. Winding A2
3. Mass (Gnd)
4. Winding B1
5. Winding B2

Recommended motors list:

  • 23HS6620 2A
  • SY57STH56-2804A
  • QSH5718-55-30-098

Look at their analogues and select them yourself: www.longs-motor.com